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10-2-4 Time

10-2-4 Time was a musical variety show sponsored by Dr. Pepper. In 15-minutes episodes, the show promoted Dr. Pepper soda.

This show also features Western songs performed by Sons of the Pioneers, as well as Martha Meers and Bob Noland. In order to get people to drink Dr. Pepper, the show created a campaign in such a slogan, "Keep time in mind and drink Dr. Pepper daily at 10, 2, 4 o’clock, or anytime you are hungry or tired!"

There are 28 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Amoure July 14, 1944
Jingle Bells December 15, 1944
What a Difference a Day Makes December 13, 1944
Mexically Rose July 12, 1944
I Had a Dream, Dear July 10, 1944
By the Light of the Silvery Moon July 7, 1944
Ol Rockin' Chair's Got Me July 3, 1944
When You Wore a Tulip March 10, 1944
Blue Sky Show March 8, 1944
Wake With the Sun April 23, 1945
Magic is the Moonlight February 9, 1945
Begin the Begeen February 7, 1945
What a Difference a Day Makes January 31, 1945
Maria January 29, 1945
Drifting with the Current April 13, 1945
I Hear a Rhapsody February 23, 1945
Blue Skies March 12, 1945
The Gal I Left Behind Me March 14, 1945
Tico Tico March 26, 1945
In Your Easter Bonnet March 28, 1945
Old Buckaroo April 9, 1945
Red Sails in the Sunset April 11, 1945
Lazy April 30, 1945
Brazilian Moon April 27, 1945
I'll Be Seeing You April 25, 1945

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